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Connect and Compare
Are you a member of the ASCA SCENE, your online professional networking site? If not, you’re missing out on a valuable benefit. The SCENE lets you share your experiences with others in the field and, even more importantly, get help with your problems or concerns, advice on new products and programs and much more. With the SCENE, help is as close as your computer or mobile device. You can also access the SCENE library (formerly the online Resource Center) to see sample forms, surveys, lesson plans, parent handouts and more. 

Learn and Earn
Need professional development hours? Don’t want to travel? Have a limited budget? Take advantage of ASCA’s Webinar Series. Each month, we offer webinars – free to members – on a variety of topics. You can attend the webinar “live” or view it after the fact on ASCA On Air. And, you can earn CEUs and Contact Hours for the webinars as well. It couldn’t be easier to keep up with your professional development needs.

Manage Your Membership
You’re busy. We get it. And sometimes that means things can slip through the cracks – like your ASCA membership renewal. Take renewal off your mind and sign up for automatic yearly renewal. Or, if it works better for you to pay a little each month rather than one lump sum yearly, you can sign up for monthly dues payments. To change your renewal method, call (800) 306-4722.