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Member Benefits & Info

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School counselors are a vital part of helping children develop into well-rounded individuals. And ASCA is a vital part of helping school counselors develop the programs necessary to meet students’ needs.

An ASCA membership offers you more than just periodicals, professional development and peer networking. Although it offers that too. Joining the only national organization dedicated to furthering the needs and mission of school counselors helps you grow professionally as well as personally. You’ll learn about best practices in school counseling. You’ll benefit from others’ experience and research. Most of all, you’ll know you’re joining with thousands of other school counselors to share a common vision – that of turning today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders.

ASCA School Counselor MagazineA slick, full-color bimonthly magazine, ASCA School Counselor gives members a place to turn for practical, how-to articles addressing the issues school counselors face on a daily basis. A $90 value.

Discounted Publications: ASCA publishes myriad publications targeting areas such as school violence, comprehensive guidance programs, career counseling, social development and more. Stay on top of your game with discounted publications from ASCA.

Professional School Counseling Journal: ASCA's award-winning journal provides peer-reviewed articles on school counseling theory, research, practice and techniques. your subscription helps you stay on top of the latest theories and advances in the field. Members have access to full-text articles and archives online. A $129 value.

Professional Development: As everyone knows, it's important to participate in regular, certified professional development opportunities. In addition to its annual conference, webinars and local workshops, ASCA also partners with other organizations to offer members training in areas such as ethics, career counseling and more.

Liability Insurance: Don't take unnecessary risks with your career and financial stability. Protect yourself with FREE professional liability insurance developed especially for ASCA professional and student members.

Free Resources: One of the best benefits of ASCA membership is access to a plethora of free resources. From sample lesson plans to job descriptions, checklists to back-to-school handouts, your membership opens the door to a world of materials to use on a daily basis, all available in the ASCA SCENE Library. Can't find what you need? Post a question on the SCENE to see if other school counselors can help.

Online Community: Looking for school counselors in your geographic area or level for networking purposes? Need to get in touch with another member you met at a training seminar? Have questions you need answered? ASCA's online community, the ASCA SCENE, gives you the perfect opportunity to network with and learn from other school counselors 24/7.

ASCA Aspects: Keep on top of new projects, resources and member benefits with ASCA’s monthly e-newsletter. 

Member Logo: As an ASCA member, you can use the ASCA MEMBER logo on your business cards, website, letterhead, etc. (Note, the ASCA MEMBER logo may only be used by professional members and may not be used in any for-profit advertising or marketing materials.)