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Join or Renew Today
There are three easy ways to join ASCA and begin reaping the benefits of membership.
1. Join online or renew your membership.
2. Call (800) 306-4722 to join or renew. Please have your credit card ready.
3. Print off a membership application and mail or fax it in with your payment or purchase order. if paying by purchase order the purchase order must accompany the application. Do not send them in separately.

You may join at any time. Membership is for a full year from the actual date you joined. 

Manage Your Membership
You’re busy. We get it. And sometimes that means things can slip through the cracks – like your ASCA membership renewal. Take renewal off your mind, and sign up for automatic yearly renewal. Or, if it works better for you to pay a little each month rather than one lump sum yearly, sign up for monthly payments. To change your payment method, visit “My ASCA” and change the payment method upon renewal.