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On-Site Training

Having an ASCA-certified trainerTM work with us to create and implement our districtwide school counseling program has been a difference maker. We could have completed this work without the assistance of an ASCA-certified trainer, but the quality of program would have not been at the same high standards. 
Jim Boen, Executive Director, Bend-La Pine Schools

Note: Onsite training is also available virtually.

ASCA National Model and RAMP
The very foundation of a school counseling program, the ASCA National Model connects school counseling with the current educational reform movement emphasizing student achievement and success as well as systemic change. Learn more.

Expanded ASCA National Model Training – Coaching Option
Get individualized coaching to help your school work toward a comprehensive school counseling program aligned with the ASCA National Model with an ASCA National Model coach. Already have a comprehensive program and want to apply for RAMP? Our RAMP coaches can walk you through the RAMP framework and application process. Learn more.

Legal and Ethical
School counselors must navigate some of the most challenging ethical and legal dilemmas facing counselors today and have many distinct roles that can lead to conflicting priorities. Learn more.

Mindsets & Behaviors
The ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success describe the knowledge, skills and attitudes students need for academic, career and social/emotional development. Teachers, administrators and school counselors can collaborate to improve students' noncognitive skills and outcomes. Learn more.

School Counseling Classroom and Group Lesson Development 
A school counseling program requires school counselors develop classroom instruction and small-group lessons, but the intricacies of curriculum development often aren’t covered in graduate school. Learn the basics of school counseling instruction design and construction so you can deliver the most effective lesson plans to meet the unique needs of your students. Learn more.

Academic Achievement
A number of different issues can affect students' academic achievement. As a school counselor, one of the three areas you should focus on is students' academic achievement. Learn more.

Career Development
Learn how to have meaningful career conversations with students at all grade levels by helping them identify their interests and abilities and introducing them to various careers and the world of work. Learn more.

Culturally Sustaining School Counseling
As the United States becomes increasingly diverse, developing culturally sustaining school counseling programs is imperative. Learn more

Cyberbullying and Internet Safety
Children and teens spend a large portion of their time online each day, and school educators need to know how to help protect them. Learn more

School counseling decisions must be supported by data. Although school counselors typically collect information about their activities and perceptions of students and staff, data should also demonstrate concrete results of the program. Learn more.

Solution-Focused Brief Counseling
Practical, solution-oriented techniques are vital for school counselors to be able to implement easily in the time-conscious school environment. Learn more.

Creating a Positive School Culture and Climate 
School climate affects every aspect of students’ and the faculty’s day. Learn how to implement a comprehensive, schoolwide, data-informed program to create and maintain a positive school culture and climate for students and staff so all students feel safe and ready to learn. Learn more.

Building Resiliency 
Resilience is generally described as the capacity to press beyond challenging risk factors. Learn about factors affecting resiliency in children and different interventions to use in your comprehensive school counseling program to enhance your students’ capacity for exhibiting both personal and educational resiliency. Learn more.

School Counseling Programs for Administrators
School counseling programs are collaborative efforts benefiting students, parents, teachers, administrators and the overall community. Learn how school counseling programs can best contribute to your school's success and help meet school improvement and district goals. Learn more.

On-site trainings are full-day trainings and are $3,000 (for extensive travel arrangements, additional expenses may be incurred). To book on-site training, e-mail Jen Walsh. Interested in becoming an on-site trainer? Complete this application to be considered.