Position Statements

ASCA has officially adopted position statements on the following topics. Download a PDF containing the text of all ASCA position statements. (Please note, the listings in the table of contents link to the individual position statements.)

Academic Development

Annual Performance Appraisal

Career and Technical Education

Career Development 

Character Education

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

Children Experiencing Homelessness

College Access Professionals


Corporal Punishment (revised, 2019)

Credentialing and Licensure

Cultural Diversity

Discipline (revised, 2019)

Equity for All Students

Gender Equity (revised, 2020)

Gifted and Talented Student Programs (revised, 2019)

Group Counseling (revised, 2020)

High-Stakes Testing

Identification, Prevention and Intervention of Behaviors That Are Harmful and Place Students At Risk

Individual Student Planning for Postsecondary Preparation

Letters of Recommendation (adopted, 2020)


Multitiered System of Supports

Peer Support Programs

Prevention of School-Related Gun Violence (revised, 2019)

Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Promotion of Safe Schools Through Conflict Resolution and Bullying/Harassment Prevention

Retention, Social Promotion and Age-Appropriate Placement

Safe Schools and Crisis Response (revised, 2019)

School Counseling Preparation Programs (revised, 2020)

School Counseling Programs

School-Family-Community Partnerships

Social/Emotional Development

Student Mental Health (revised, 2020)

Student Postsecondary Recruitment

Student Safety and the Use of Technology

Students With Disabilities

Suicide Prevention/Awareness

Suicide Risk Assessment  (adopted, 2020)

Supporting Students in Foster Care

Test Preparation Programs

Transgender/Gender-Nonconforming Youth

Trauma-Informed Practice

Use of Non-School-Counseling-Credentialed Personnel

Use of Support Staff in School Counseling Programs (revised, 2019)

Virtual School Counseling

Working With Students Experiencing Issues Surrounding Undocumented Status (revised, 2019)