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Special Interest Networks
ASCA's Special Interest Networks (SPIN) are designed to promote collaboration among members and support the development of school counseling resources around a special-interest topic in school counseling and education. Each SPIN is led by a volunteer ASCA member who prompts conversations and shares resources/information.

SPINs use the ASCA SCENE community to support one another, share ideas and and raise awareness of school counseling resources. SPIN participants may be called upon to serve as resources for magazine articles, speakers, etc. SPINs are available to ASCA members only. To join one of the SPINs below, visit ASCA SCENE.

Crisis/Trauma/Violence SPIN
Facilitator: Sandy Austin

Diversity and Inclusion SPIN
Facilitator: Alicia Oglesby

Group Counseling SPIN
Facilitator: Remona Clark

New English Language Learners SPIN
Facilitator: Amy Carroll

School Counseling Supervision SPIN
Facilitator: Taqueena Quintana

Virtual School Counseling SPIN
Facilitator: Erica Seybert

If you are interested in facilitating a Special Interest Network, and would like to suggest a special topic, please complete an application and return to ASCA. (Word version or PDF version.)