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ASCA-Certified Trainers
Kathy Biles, Ph.D.
Kathy Biles, Ph.D., is the school counseling program coordinator at Oregon State University – Cascades in Bend, Ore. In addition to her program leadership, Biles teaches coursework in social justice and advocacy, school counseling, career counseling and addictive behavior counseling. Biles also facilitates workshops in motivational interviewing for schools and groups across the country. 

Paul E. Barnes, Ph.D.
Paul E. Barnes, Ph.D., works full time at the University of Nebraska – Omaha, where he has served as a professor, counseling department chair and as associate dean for the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences. He is a recipient of the college's Outstanding Teaching Award. A former president of the Nebraska School Counselor Association, Barnes has tought solution-focused techniques to school counselors, teachers, graduate students and mentors across the United States and has practiced solution-focused techniques with adolescents for more than 18 years. He is a former high school teacher, middle and high school counselor and a supervisor of school counselor candidates. 

Mark Boggie
Mark Boggie has worked as a school counselor at the elementary, secondary and postsecondary levels; prior to that he was a high school and middle school science teacher. Boggie currently serves as assistant dean of student services at Cochise College, training school counselors in comprehensive school counseling programs based on the ASCA National Model. He is a past president of the Arizona School Counselors Association and a past Western Region vice president for ASCA. Currently he serves as co-chair of the ASCA Position Statement Committee.

Brent Burnham
Brent Burnham is a former school counselor and educator from Wasatch County School District, Utah, with more than 30 years of K–12 experience. Currently, Burnham is an adjunct faculty member at Utah Valley University. He is also an education consultant for the Utah Anti-Bully Coalition and has developed two schoolwide bully-prevention programs: Bully Blockers and the Cool 2Care Revolution. Burnham also served as the Utah School Counselor Association elementary-level vice president, is an ASCA-certified trainer, lead RAMP reviewer and was a 2011 School Counselor of the Year finalist.
Jennifer Curry, Ph.D.
Jennifer Curry, Ph.D., is a professor at Louisiana State University. Her research interests include career and college readiness and school counselor induction and development. She has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and numerous books on career and college readiness topics. She has presented her work nationally and internationally on a wide range of school counseling topics at over 100 professional conferences. Curry is the associate editor for career and college readiness of Professional School Counselingjournal and has served as president of the Louisiana School Counselor Association and the Association for Spiritual, Ethical and Religious Values in Counseling. 

Gene Eakin, Ph.D.
Gene Eakin, Ph.D. worked as a school counselor for 27 years and is now the school counseling program lead at Oregon State University – Corvallis. Eakin specializes in academic achievement and motivational interviewing, including strategies he used in individual and group work with his students when he was a high school counselor.

Karen Griffith, Ph.D.
Karen Griffith, Ph.D., is a retired school counselor, with 35 years in public education. She has served as an assistant professor in the Department of Counseling and Human Development Services at the University of Georgia and now teaches as part-time faculty. She has authored several books and frequently conducts trainings around counseling and comprehensive counseling programming. Her primary areas for training include: understanding and implementing the ASCA National Model, building resiliency, delivering effective small groups, working with challenging students, understanding privilege and oppression and utilizing trauma-informed practice.

Sylvia Hollins
Sylvia Hollins is currently a counselor education and supervision doctoral student at the University of Alabama. She served as a school counselor for five years, during which she was awarded the New Counselor of the Year honor from the Alabama Counseling Association. She has taught various counseling courses both at the University of Alabama and in the master’s program for trauma and resilience in education at Capella University – Portland.  Her concentration of research, teaching and advocacy includes: counseling individuals and families from marginalized and minority populations, social justice advocacy, the impact of police violence, the dehumanization of black youth, activism and the role of the school counselor, solution-focused brief counseling and mentoring. Hollins serves on both the ASCA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and the University of Alabama DEI Committee.
Nancy Jarman-Dunn, Ph.D.
Nancy Jarman-Dunn, Ph.D., spearheaded the RAMP process in her school, which was the first middle school in the nation to receive the RAMP recognition. With her school counselor partners, they followed that up by earning a total of four RAMP designations and the California School Board Association’s Golden Bell Award. She is a past president of the California Association of School Counselors (CASC) and past recipient of the California school counselor of the year award. Jarman-Dunn is an ASCA lead RAMP reviewer, an assistant professor at the University of LaVerne and a frequent presenter at state and national conferences.

Carol Kaffenberger, Ph.D.
After a 25-year career in K­–12 education, special education and elementary school counseling, Carol Kaffenberger, Ph.D., taught in counselor preparation programs first at George Mason University, where she retired emerita in 2010, and then as a faculty adjunct at Johns Hopkins University. She consults with school districts and state associations providing training for school counselors in the use of data and implementing the ASCA National Model. Kaffenberger is a lead RAMP reviewer, co-author of ASCA’s “Making DATA Work and an associate editor for ASCA's Professional School Counseling journal.

TaRael Kee
TaRael Kee is co-chair of the Collinsville High School Counseling Department in Collinsville, Ill. He is president elect of the Illinois School Counselor Association (2020) and was named the Collinsville School District 
e-Educator of the Year (2017), recognized by College Board in (2018), received the Lindenwood Alumni Spotlight (2019) and awarded honorable mention for Illinois School Counselor of the Year (2020). Kee will graduate from Lindenwood University with a specialist degree in educational leadership in May 2021.

Meri Kock
Meri Kock has been an educator for 29 years, working as a middle school math teacher and then a high school counselor. She was recognized as the High School Counselor of the Year by the Middle Tennessee Counseling Association in 2010, as a finalist for ASCA School Counselor of the Year in 2011. In 2014 she led her department to RAMP recognition. She currently serves as a high school counselor coach in south central Tennessee and is a student in the doctoral program for K–12 education leadership and policy at Vanderbilt University.

Mark Kuranz
Mark Kuranz is an experienced presenter and trainer who has presented at the national, state and district levels. He is described as a quiet leader who enjoys telling stories to illustrate his points. Kuranz has served as president of both ASCA and the Wisconsin School Counselor and worked as a school counselor for more than 20 years. ASCA award Mark the Mary E. Gehrke Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004.

Russell A. Sabella, Ph.D.
Russell A. Sabella, Ph.D., is currently a professor at Florida Gulf Coast University and president of Sabella & Associates. He is the author of numerous articles and the author or co-author of several books on school counseling, technology, stress management and sexual harassment. Sabella has trained and consulted with more than 50,000 school counselors, educators and leaders in the areas of data, solution-focused brief counseling, digital reputation/cyberbullying, stress and anxiety and technology. He is a past president of both ASCA and the Florida School Counselor Association.

Joni Shook
Joni Shook is a retired school counselor and district counseling specialist. She has led nine schools in her district to receiving the RAMP designation and has trained districts across the country on the ASCA National Model and presented numerous workshops on the ASCA National Model at conferences. Shook
is a RAMP team captain and ASCA-certified trainer. Shook specializes in data, ASCA National Model, RAMP and ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success training. 

Carolyn Stone, Ed.D.
Carolyn Stone, Ed.D., is a professor of school counseling at the University of North Florida and has been ASCA’s Ethics Committee chair since 2002. She writes a regular column on legal and ethical issues for ASCA School Counselor magazine and is the author of numerous articles and books on school-counseling-related legal and ethical issues. She is a former ASCA president and a 2006 recipient of ASCA’s Mary E. Gehrke Lifetime Achievement Award.

Heidi A. Truax, Ph.D.

Heidi A. Truax, Ph.D., is executive director, Office of School Counseling and Postsecondary Advising, Chicago Public Schools and a clinical assistant professor of school counseling at Roosevelt University. Truax was a school counselor for more than eight years and the  2020 Illinois School Counselor of the Year, the 2020 Ray Piagentini High School Counselor of the Year and the 2019 Toni Tollerud School Counselor Educator of the Year. She is an Illinois School Counselor Association board member and a lead RAMP reviewer.
Deirdra Williams
Deirdra Williams has been a school counselor in Wake County Public Schools for more than 16 years. She has led two separate school counseling teams to RAMP status, one receiving RAMP recognition in the school’s second year of existence. She currently serves as lead RAMP reviewer, school counselor trainer and mentor. Williams travels the state and country engaging K–12 school counselors with ASCA National Model topics to empower them and increase their ability to produce effective documents, discuss and analyze data and connect with stakeholders. She also leads workshops to help school counselors and principals enhance their working relationships for student achievement.

Nan Worsowicz

Nan Worsowicz worked as a K-12 educator for 36 years. She taught special needs students in elementary and middle school, was a middle and high school counselor and spent her last ten years as the supervisor of school counseling in a large urban district. She is a RAMP reviewer.

Anita Young, Ph.D.
Currently an associate professor at Johns Hopkin University, Anita Young, Ph.D., has extensive experience in the school counseling profession. Her experiences serving as a school counselor and district school counseling leader have contributed to the development of a robust two-strand research agenda focused on closing achievement and opportunity gaps for all students and building school counselor leadership capacity. She is co-author of “Making DATA Work” and “School Counselor Leadership: An Essential Practice,” in addition to peer-reviewed journal articles. She has shared her research as a consultant and presenter at district, state and national conferences. She has served as a reviewer and guest editor for ASCA’s Professional School Counseling journal.