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ASCA Summer Camps keep the professional development going all summer long. While ASCA@Home offered nearly 90 breakout sessions, we know you’d like s’more (see what we did there?). So we’re offering three deep dives into key content areas. The summer camps include weekly sessions in July and August 2020. ASCA@Home attendees have access to any (or all three) of the summer camps at no additional charge. 
ASCA National Model Summer Camp (July 20–Aug. 26, 2020)
Whatever your stage in ASCA National Model implementation or the RAMP application process, the ASCA National Model Summer Camp can help. With ASCA National Model Mondays and RAMP Wednesdays learn what you need in bite-sized chunks. Learn more.

District Directors Summer Camp (August)

School Counselor Educators Summer Camp (August)

Registration Fees
ASCA Members: $49 per camp
ASCA Nonmembers: $99 per camp
ASCA@Home Attendees: no additional charge (ASCA@Home attendees will receive an email in mid-July to sign up for the summer camps)