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Publication Proposal & Author Guidelines
Author Guidelines
Please follow these author guidelines for submitting manuscripts to either Professional School Counseling journal or ASCA School Counselor magazine.

Publication Proposal Guidelines
ASCA publishes three different series of books: the ASCA National Model Series, the School Counselor Resource Series and the School Counseling Principles Series. All proposals must fall under one of these three categories.

• ASCA National Model Series – Publications in this series focus on the ASCA National Model, implementing the ASCA National Model or a particular component of the ASCA National Model. These publications help school counselors design and implement a comprehensive school counseling program
Titles in this series include:
“The ASCA National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs”
“Making DATA Work”
"Making Diversity Work"
"School Counselor Leadership: An Essential Practice"

• School Counselor Resource Series – Publications in this series focus on lesson plans or curricula for small groups in a particular topic area. They tend to contain 10–15 lessons on a single topic. Some titles in this series include:
“Dealing with Deployment: A Small Group Curriculum for Elementary and Middle School Students”
“Bibliotherapy: Every Book Tells a Story”
"Choice Theory: Using Choice Theory to Enhance Student Achievement and Responsibility"
"Making Smart Choices: Social and Emotional Skills for Adolescent Girls"
"Organizational Skills Boot Camp"
"Fostering Resilience and Strength"
"Classroom Guidance, Naturally: Nature-based Lessons for Elementary School Students"
"The Brotherhood: A Mentoring Program for African-American Males"
"Managing the Three C's: Culture, Class and Conflict"

• School Counseling Principles Series – Publications in this series focus on foundations of the profession and take a big picture look at a particular topic. Often they contain articles/chapters written by a variety of authors rather than one author writing the entire book.
Titles in this series include:
“School Counseling Principles: Foundations and Basics”
“School Counseling Principles: Ethics and Law”
“School Counseling Principles: Multiculturalism and Diversity
"School Counseling Principles: Mentoring and Supervising"
"School Counseling Principles: Remembering the Past, Shaping the Future – A History of School Counseling"

Submitting Proposals
To submit a book proposal, send a brief synopsis of your book (250-500 words, to include details on which series it falls into), the table of contents and an outline of a sample chapter to Kathleen Rakestraw.

Copyright and Payment
ASCA holds the copyright on all books it publishes. Authors are required to sign a copyright transfer agreement. ASCA pays authors in copies of books rather than royalties.